3 Reasons why you need a really big wine refrigerator

One question we get frequently from customers looking to purchase a wine refrigerator is, “how much storage do I really need?”  The answer is always, “more than you think you do,” and I tell them about our 166 bottle wine cooler.  Before you start thinking of me as a used car salesman trying to sell you fabric guard and rustproofing, allow me to explain.

1.     When people buy a wine refrigerator they want to fill it up.

My wife is the wine lover in the family and she asked me to get her a 40 bottle under counter wine refrigerator.  She thought 40 bottles was about right since we never have more than 30 bottles in the house.  What’s the first thing she did after it was delivered?  Went out and purchased more wine, of course.  Now we keep about 70 bottles in the house in a full wine cooler, bottles on top of it and bottles in the dining room.  And, the same thing will happen to you.  Trust me on this one, buy bigger than you think you need.

2.     You will transform into a wine collector.

It’s a great feeling to see that bottle of wine you’ve been storing for 10-15 years is now worth real money.  Not because of the monetary value, but because the wine drinking world wants it and you have it.  However, if you haven’t been storing that bottle properly it’s probably nasty vinegar now.  Having a large wine cabinet affords you the luxury of having the space to age these special bottles in a controlled environment and enjoy them at birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries in the years to come.  Drinking an excellent bottle of wine that you helped age to perfection is an experience everyone should have.

3.     Your friends and family will finally think you are cool

How many times have you gone to a dinner party or house warming and saw a small wine cooler in the kitchen?  Probably a lot.  How many times have you seen a large wine cooler at one of these functions?  Not a lot.  Let’s be honest, we all like to feel a little important and we like for people to talk about the things we are interested in.  If you are interested in wine and want to talk about your collection, a large wine refrigerator is a wonderful conversation starter.  People will view you as an authority and will be a little envious.  It’s ok to secretly want people to see you this way.  I won’t tell.