3 Reasons why you need an under counter wine refrigerator in the kitchen

Most people who think about purchasing a wine refrigerator for their kitchen tend to grapple with the same question, “do I really need a wine refrigerator?”  Of course, the answer is no, you don’t NEED a wine refrigerator.  Just like you don’t NEED a 55” TV, a venti latte every day or upgrading to the latest Iphone every year.  (FYI, I’m still on the 5S.  Don’t judge me.)  All these things make life a little more pleasurable, so why not indulge a little.  Here’s why an under counter wine refrigerator in your kitchen might be a good idea.

1.     Convenience – What’s the center of every home?  The kitchen!  A wine refrigerator built into your kitchen cabinets affords you the luxury of having bottles of wine at the right temperature, ready to drink and at arms length.  Want to pour yourself a glass of wine while making dinner?  No problem!

2.     Piece of mind – Have you ever wanted to purchase an expensive bottle of wine to save for a special occasion, but worried that it might go bad before you had a chance to drink it?  A smaller wine refrigerator in your kitchen performs the same functions, with the same results as a 1000 bottle wine cellar that you see in magazines; low light, constant temperature and a humid environment.  This will allow those special occasion bottles to mature and be spectacular when you want to drink them years from now.

3.     A wine refrigerator adds to the aesthetic of a kitchen– Let’s face it, a wine refrigerator looks cool!  When guests come over they will likely ooh and ahh over it.  Want to sell your house?  Prospective buyers will think your kitchen is more of an upgrade over kitchens without a wine refrigerator.  Plus, it’s a little luxury to treat yourself with and every time you walk past it you will realize how great your life really is.

A decent under counter wine cooler can be purchased for as little as $500, delivered to you home.  Since wine refrigerators come in standard sizes of 15”, 24” and 30”, you can find one that will fit in almost any space.