Why Buy an Air Fryer?

You probably have a toaster, a microwave and an oven in your home. 

Can an air fryer really do anything different?  Yes, it can and the proof is in the french fries.

I didn’t realize how well the air fryer performed until I was sitting in a restaurant with a fully belly and plate of french fries that I hadn’t finished.  We’ve all been here.  The waiter comes by and asks if he should box those fries up for you and you think to yourself, “I’d love to take them home, but they aren’t really edible when I try to reheat them.”  On this occasion I decided to say yes and try out the air fryer.  A few days later I popped them in the air fryer, set the timer.  Just a few minutes later the french fries tasted exactly like they did in the restaurant a few days prior.  None of my other appliances have been able to do that. Like magic!

How Does the Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer works like a mini convection oven.  A heating element heats the cooking compartment while the fan circulates hot air, surrounding the food on all sides with even heat.  If you think about it, the method of cooking in an air fryer is very similar to a deep fryer; an even heat source cooks the food from all sides but allows you to cook without immersing your food in oil.

Is the Air Fryer a Healthy Way of Cooking?

I like to say the air fryer is a healthier way of cooking which allows you to cook foods that might be “bad” for you in a healthier way.  The air fryer allows you to cook with little or no oil, which cuts down on both calories and fats.  Take a look at this comparison chart between French fries cooked in an air fryer vs. ones purchased at a fast food restaurant.


Serving Size (Grams) 100g

Calories 86

Fat (%DV) 1.09g

Saturated Fat (%DV) 0.025g



Serving Size (Grams) 100g

Calories 323

Fat (%DV) 15.47g

Saturated Fat (%DV) 2.271g

Smith & Hanks Air Fryed French Fries

The air fryer can also work similarly to one of those grills sold by a famous boxer.  What was his name?  George something?  The cooking basket in your air fryer has holes that allow hot air to penetrate the cooking area.  These holes also let grease and fats drip away when you cook foods like hamburgers and bacon.

Which Foods Can Be Cooked in an Air Fryer?

Smith & Hanks Air Fried Chicken

Almost any food you can think of can be cooked in an air fryer.  Meats, vegetables, frozen foods, and just about anything else you can think of.  You can even put bread in your air fryer to make toast or sandwiches.  The bread comes out crusty and not soggy so it makes an excellent grilled cheese sandwich.

Because you are cooking with hot air your food might dry out a little so keep that in mind when cooking.  You can also wrap foods like chicken or fish in aluminum foil and this will keep them from drying out.  Do not put things that melt, like cheese or chocolate, in your air fryer unless they are in a ramekin or pan. 

Other Air Fryer Benefits

Since the air fryer surrounds the food with heat, they cook evenly in half the time as other cooking methods.  Because the cooking area is so compact, an air fryer is able to get up to temperature quickly and efficiently maintain that temperature without much heat loss. 

The cooking basket of an air fryer is made with a non-stick coating which makes clean up a relatively simple process.  You can usually clean your air fryer with a damp paper towel.  Don’t put the cooking basket in the dishwasher.  The environment of the dishwasher will wear away the non-stick coating prematurely.  Washing by using a damp paper towel also maintains the seasoning of your air fryer making it easier to cook.

An air fryer can be purchased online for $100 or less, often with free shipping. 

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