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Five movies about wine (and what they pair best with)

Five movies about wine (and what they pair best with)

Dear wine lovers,

Let me lift your spirits and offer you a new way to spend another evening at home.  Rather than cracking open another bottle, why not do it with purpose. Films have no better vintage than to be re-opened now. 

Presenting five movies about wine (and what they pair best with).

Wine Country- (pair with anything from the Napa Valley)  


Remember when you used to hang out with friends? We’ve got you covered. Join Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler and a host of other hilarious women for a birthday celebration you’ll never forget in this chick flick set in the best of locations, California Wine Country. Everyone becomes better with age, in this escapist romp sure to leave you tipsy with glee.




(pair with anything BUT Merlot)



You saw this movie years ago and it’s worth a revisit. A bachelor weekend with two old friends becomes a time to not only to taste great wine but to think about where they go next in their lives. It’s romantic, it’s heartbreaking, it will make question love and the taste of Merlot forever.  


Bottle Shock- (Grab a French red and a California red, rip off the labels and do a taste test)  


Can a wine created in the USA truly beat out a classic European blend? This movie takes you back to the year 1976, when a few Californian wine producers submit their Chardonnay to go against the best wines in Europe for a blind taste-test competition. A culture clash results that changes the wine world forever. 

 Sour Grapes- Pick a cheap wine and an expensive vintage and see if you can tell the different

It’s documentary time!!! Meet Rudy Kurniawan, a Gen X Great Gatsby with a pension of wine and a mysterious past. He starts buying case after case as wine becomes an invest in the early 2000’s. Meanwhile, a French wine producer, Laurent Ponsot, find out wine is being sold from his family’s domain for years when it was never produced. Wine fraud at its finest. But can you taste the difference?



Uncorked- (pair with an upscale red with delicious BBQ) 



The father wants his son to take over the family BBQ joint. The son has other ideas. He wants to become a sommelier and discover an alternate future than his family has planned for him. See this film not only for the story but for lessons in international wine and home-cooked food that will make your mouth water. 


Cheers to your weekend of wine and film! Enjoy!

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